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Pro Comp Xtreme MT

Pro Comp XTreme Mud Terrain These new arrivals from Pro Comp Tires are similar in design to the Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX tires we are currently running on the Silverado. The Pro Comp Xtreme MT should be on everyone's list of hardcore off road mud terrain tires that must double as daily drivers on the streets under all driving conditions. Let me explain why this is and see if you agree.

First off, the Pro Comp tires are made in the United States by Cooper Tires. This didn't surprise us due to all the similarities in their rubber compositions. Our first hand experience with the silica compound rubber has us sold on it's superior traction in snow and ice as well as in slippery rock and gravel conditions.

The deep, up to 5/8 inch, high void tread design of the Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain assures me that this is a pretty serious mud tire and with the added self cleaning attributes from a soft rubber with generous siping also adds to the off road capabilities of these tires.

The extra strength from the 3 ply sidewall construction similar to the "Amor-Tek3 Carcass Construction" found in the Cooper Tire line moves these tires into the serious off road category. Sharp rock, stick and stone damage will be kept to a minimum and the stiffer sidewalls make sportier driving on the road more exhilarating too.

Not just for looks, the extra side tread enhances the tires deep mud, sand and snow traction but also provides some all to needed added traction in rock crawling situations when needed. On the street, the side tred looks the part of a totally dominate off road tire.

A Word From Pro Comp on the Xtreme Mud Terrain Tires.

Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain tires deliver good street manners with a bad-boy off-road attitude. Their super-modern tread design looks aggressive, sporty, and mean, and will definitely will get you noticed, on-road and off. They also offer an ultra-modern tread compound coupled with silica, an enhanced upper sidewall treatment, full-length siping, tri-ply construction, spiral nylon overwrap, and opposed-angle steel belting. Xtreme mud terrain tires are built to navigate anything from wet roads to slick rocks to deep mud. Better cut and abrasion resistance, plus better stability and load-carrying abilities are also offered. Do you want more from your mud tires than just intimidating looks? You've got it! You get great looks with exceptional off-road performance and their on-road handling is excellent too. The Pro Comp Xtreme mud terrain tires are a great all round choice in aftermarket specialty tires for your 4x4.

Pro Comp XTreme MT

Size Chart, Pro Comp Xtreme MT
31X10.50R15 30.8 10.9 8.3 20 7.0-9.0 47 C 2,270
33X12.50R15 32.8 12.1 9.7 20.5 8.5-11.0 56 C 2205
35X12.50R15 34.8 12.2 10 20.5 8.5-11.0 66 C 2535
LT265/75R16 32 10.1 8.3 18 7.0-9.0 53 E 3415
LT285/75R16 33.1 11.3 8.9 18 7.5-9.5 56 D 3305
LT315/75R16 34.5 11.9 9.8 20 8.0-11.0 66 D 3195
LT265/70R17 31.9 10.8 8.3 18 7.0-9.0 53 E 3195
LT285/70R17 33 11.5 8.9 18 7.5-9.5 57 D 3195
LT305/65R17 32.8 12.2 10 21 8.5-11.0 58 E 3195
LT315/70R17 34.7 12.7 9.8 19 8.0-11.0 68 D 3195
37X12.50R17 36.9 13.1 10 23 8.5-11.0 83 E 3525
LT305/70R18 35.1 12.2 10 21 8.0-10.0 71 E 3,750
37X12.50R18 36.8 12.5 10 23 8.5-11.0 87 E 3,970
38.50X14.50R18 38.4 14.5 11.4 21 10.0-12.0 91 E 3,525
LT275/60R20 33.2 11 9 21 7.5-9.5 55 E 3,415
35X12.50R20 34.6 12.5 10 20.5 8.5-11.0 79 E 3195
37X12.50R20 36.8 12.5 10 23 8.5-11.0 82 E 3,750
35X12.50R22 34.8 12.5 10 21 8.5-11.0 73 E 2,835
37X12.50R22 36.8 12.5 10 23 8.5-11.0 78 E 3,415

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