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2011 Chevy Silverado Oversized Wheel and Tire Packages

Bolt Pattern: The Chevy Silverado 1500 uses a 6 Lug, 6 x 5.50 in bolt pattern. At times you may see the metric reference to the bolt pattern displayed as 6 x 139.7 mm.

Oversized Wheel and Tire PackagesChevy Oversized Wheel and Tire Packages: Choosing the wheel and tire package for our 2011 Chevy Silverado really opened up our eyes into all the different options from wheel offsets to tire compounds.

We knew we would be putting lots of highway miles on the truck so our goal was a bit more modest then many of you will be looking for but the process of choosing the best wheel and tire package for your Chevy Silverado will be much the same.

Wheels that fit the Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Off Road WheelsFirst off, choosing between the 17", 18" or 20 inch wheels is not just a matter of looks or style. The larger 20" wheels are paired up with a tire having a lower profile and in many instances this may not a desirable choice. Low profile tires have less flex in the sidewalls to absorb shock when traveling off road. Hitting one abrupt obstacle can damage both the wheel and tire. But if driving on the road, the larger wheels find themselves at home. Now the short sidewalls work for you by reducing flex and subsequently increasing handling.

Another consideration is weight, the larger diameter wheel and tire combinations, (Example, 20" over 17"), are typically lighter making for improvements in acceleration and braking when compared to packages of the same overall tire diameter, say 35".

NOTE: The Chevy Silverado 1500 uses a 6 Lug, 6x5.50in - 6x139.7mm bolt pattern.

Pro Comp Xtreme MTOff Road Traction Tires, Mudders

If exploring the limits of your new Chevy's Off Road capabilities is something that your interested in, a mean set of mudders is in your trucks future. Companies like Dick Cepek, Nitto, Toyo, Cooper, Pro Comp and more all offer deep lug tires that through chunks the size of basketballs.

Off road tires come in many forms from blocked lugs to chevron patterns but one thin remains constant, they are all specifically designed for maximum traction in their specific terrain.

Choosing the best off road tire is not as easy as reading a few reviews and ordering your size. The truth is, you may have to compromise in a few areas to come up with the best off road tires for you.

Best Off Road Tires

We all here our friends state that one or the other tire is the best off road tire going but the fact is there is no one off road tire that is the perfect off road tire for all conditions. The conditions will always dictate the best tire not the other way around.

For our purposes, we chose the Cooper Discoverer AT3 over the more agressive Cooper Discoverer SST as most of our driving this year will be highway mileage as we test products on our new Chevy. We also will be trying out the Pro Comp Xtreme MT later this year.

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Tires made for Chevrolet Silverado 1500 truck include mud terrain, all terrain and mud and snow tires.

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