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Auto Train Horn Kits

Train Horn Kits For The Chevy Silverado 1500

Let them know you're coming using train horn kits for the Chevy Silverado 1500. If you have never had the opportunity to hear one of these blasters before you're in for a real treat. These horns look and sound just like a real train and you’ll have pedestrians and other car drivers looking for the source of the sound with confusion. Your Chevy Silverado already feels like a freight train and now you can make it sound like one too.

It seems like nobody seems to really notice the standard horns that are built into the vehicles nowadays. Sometimes you can honk to your heart's content and still not attract the attention of the driver in front of you. This is especially true if they are blaring their music or listening to headphones while they are driving.

These train horn kits are designed to be a fun addition to your truck. When it seems like you have all of the aftermarket parts you need on your vehicle, you may be ready to start looking at fun toys that can make your truck more roadworthy.

There are also other types of horns available that blast amazing full-blown sounds that can be quite deafening. These are not the types of horns that you would blast if a grandmother is walking along with her small grandchildren in tow in front of your car. In fact, some of these extreme horns come with a warning that they should not be used less than 100 feet away from other people. They also recommend that you wear hearing protection when using these horns.

If you are interested in getting one of these powerful extreme horns you'll need to check your local bylaws to learn about local ordinances for noise and you'll also have to find out more about the D.O.T. laws for sound levels. This is how powerful these horns really are.

Whether you're looking for a new sound, something fun and different for your truck or a way to definitely attract attention to your Chevy Silverado 1500, there are a lot of different types of air horns available. Just make sure that you use them responsibly on the roads in town since these horns tend to be quite a shocker!

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Train Horn Kits For The Chevy Silverado 1500. Parts and accessories for the new Chevy Silverado are available online. Find thousands of unique items to personalize your Silverado from these air horns to custom graphics and more. Get the attention of those idiot drivers that turn without signals or the morons that insist on texting in the fast lane. Blow these horns and scare the pants off that mentally challenged person holding up traffic as she yells at her husband on the other end of that cell phone.