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Cooper ST MaxxComparing the new Cooper ST Maxx and Cooper AT3 from the normal daily driver standpoint brings up a number of interesting thoughts. On one hand is a very capable all terrain tire in the AT3 and for those looking for more off road traction along came the new ST Maxx with a design somewhere between an all-terrain and mud terrain with a heaver emphasis on the latter of the two.

Because both of these tires offer superior on road as well as off road characteristics we feel obliged to include both of them in the All Terrain category but recognize that both tires do come at it from very different angles. Cooper was obviously not satisfied having one outstanding true AT tire so they produced two completely different products with totally different characteristics and applications. For the first time, these two tires give you the ability to direct the majority of your interest at either the highway or the off road characteristics while still maintaining a good deal of respect for the balance in the other side of the equation.

Cooper ST Maxx

A true all-terrain tire that splits the gap between the AT tires and the more aggressive mud terrain tires. The Cooper ST Maxx is the choice for those looking for more then the typical AT tire offers yet still wants the on road drivability of the All Terrain tires.

This studdable deep lug tire is plenty aggressive for the demanding weekend warriors looking to play hard or for the serious outdoorsman that travels deep off road in rutted out mud and snow covered trails.

If off road characteristics are more important than on road drivability, choose the AT Maxx and you will not be dissatisfied.

Cooper ST Maxx™ Tire Sizes

Tire Size Load Range Approved Rim Width Measured Rim Width Section Width Overall Diameter Tread Width Max Load Tread Depth
LT235/85R16 E 6 - 7.5 6.5 9.6 31.8 7.4 3042 18.5
LT225/75R16 E 6 - 7 6 8.7 29.53 7 2680 18.5
LT245/75R16 E 6.5 - 8 7 9.45 30.6 7.8 3042 18.5
LT265/75R16 E 7 - 8 7.5 10.7 32.0 8.45 3415 18.5
LT285/75R16 E 7.5 - 9 8 11.15 33.1 9.3 3750 18.5
LT265/70R17 E 7 - 8.5 8 10.7 31.8 8.7 3195 18.5
LT285/70R17 E 7.5 - 9 8.5 11.4 33.0 9.3 3195 18.5
LT275/70R18 E 7 - 8.5 8 11.2 33.35 9 3640 18.5

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Designed to compete in the rugged off-road performance tire category, the Cooper ST Maxx has some very interesting improvements never seen in the light truck tire lines before. Unprecedented traction was the goal and the sure footed grip combined with the superior sidewall strength of the 3-ply “Armor-Tek3®” carcass construction has met the challenge. The unique tread pattern was engineered to clear foreign substances and to ensure constant traction and added off road performance. Throw in the nice aggressive block and shoulder lug design and you have both a great looking tire with tremendous traction in dirt, rock, mud and gravel too. The Cooper ST Maxx is designed from the very beginning to handle the toughest terrains and still be very road drivable for the one tire for all world drivers. Weekends are now time to conquer the impossible with this new all American built tire from Cooper Tire.

See the Cooper ST Maxx mounted on the Chevy Silverado 1500.

Cooper AT 3

If you like to play hard on Saturday and Sunday than you better take note, the Cooper AT3 is a totally new tire just for you. Aside from the deep lugs and open tread pattern, the AT3 excels in ice and snow with the heavy sipes and special rubber additives that make them grip in all kinds of adverse conditions. On roads covered with snow, ice, mud, or water, tire sipes are known to increase traction and decrease stopping distances.

For those drivers that require a little more all-around use rather than off road capabilities from their tires, the Cooper AT3 may be the better choice of these two. Since we will be putting lots of miles on paved and gravel surfaces; this was the logical choice for us.

Cooper Tire is also the manufacture of the Mickey Thompson, Dick Cepek and Mastercraft brands of tires.

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